APCOA PARKING Danmark A / S takes over OnePark A / S in Denmark


APCOA PARKING, the largest parking company in Denmark, is now even larger due to the acquisition of Onepark, previously owned by Per Lyngbak Nielsen. Onepark managed more than 30,000 parking spaces in Denmark.

The take over combines the strong characteristics of both companies. With the financial strength of the APCOA Group in mind, this merger will lead to more opportunities for further investments in activities and technology.

Both APCOA PARKING and OnePark see the merger as a great opportunity to further expand the level of service to both consumers and owners of parking facilities in Denmark by combining the best knowledge, the best parking systems and the best experience of parking activities.

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APCOA PARKING starts pilot autonomous parking


APCOA Parking participates in an autonomous parking test that will be organized next year in the parking garage of the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Germany.

The news was announced by a representative of DPA (Deutsche Presse-Agentur). As part of the "SynCoPark" project, visitors can leave their car, when provided with an autonomous parking function, at the entrance of the "Elphi" parking garage and then pick it up again after a concert at the exit. The car drives independently into the parking garage and looks for a parking space on its own. APCOA PARKING is closely involved in this project.

The parking garage of the concert hall has 435 parking spaces in total. The first tests will be conducted in the second half of 2020. "SynCoPark" is a collaboration between scientists from the Technical University Braunschweig (Research Center Car Engineering) and various companies from the industrial sector. In addition to APCOA PARKING as a parking operator, the car manufacturers VW and BMW are also involved.

For research purposes, a new parking lot is currently being equipped at Braunschweig Airport with digital infrastructure for testing automated parking. The experiences gained during this process will be used in the parking garage in Hamburg. In addition, the intention is to develop standards that certify digital infrastructures in parking garages and in vehicles.

Autonomous parking is a spearhead of the International Mobility Congress ITS 2021 in Hamburg, for which more than 50 projects have already been registered. These concern, among other things, autonomous driving, traffic pressure prognosis and mobility platforms. The "SynCoPark" project is funded by the German Bundesverkehrsministerium (Ministry of Transport) with 2.5 million euros.

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APCOA PARKING rates in Amsterdam are 20 to more than 50% cheaper than on street!


From April 14th, the parking rates in Amsterdam have risen enormously. From now on you pay an hourly rate of € 7.50 per hour for on street parking in the old city center of Amsterdam. The rates in other parts of the city have also been increased. APCOA PARKING Nederland BV does not participate in this increase and keeps its rates the same which means that we are 20 to 50% cheaper than on street parking!

APCOA PARKING Nederland BV keeps its rates the same. This means that when you park in one of our car parks in the old part of Amsterdam, you save 20 to 50% on your parking costs! More information about our regular and promotional rates can be found on the car park details pages of Amsterdam.

We are looking forward to welcome you in one of the car parks below in the old center of Amsterdam!

APCOA PARKING Prins & Keizer
Prinsengracht 927
1017 HL Amsterdam

APCOA PARKING Heinekenplein
Eerste van der Helststraat 6
1072 NV Amsterdam

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More convenience in payment in parking garages


You can pay, in more and more places, with your debit card without having to enter your pin code. This brings a lot of convenience and safety. After all, you travel with less cash on the street and your pin code cannot be copied.


In the parking world, this form of payment, also known as tap & go, has been around for some time. Abroad, you can already pay for contactless tolls at toll booths and parking machines and in the Netherlands this payment method is becoming more and more known. This payment method is suitable for a maximum amount of € 50.00.

At APCOA PARKING we have a number of car parks that already offer this payment convenience. You can draw a ticket at the entrance and then pay at the payment machine with your bank or credit card, but you can also exit with your payment card. This gives the following conveniences:

  • You do not need a parking ticket
  • You no longer have to go to the payment machine
  • You are quickly on your way to your next destination

How does contactless payment work at APCOA PARKING?

All payment cards with the contactless logo are suitable for driving out. By holding your card in front of the card reader at the exit you open the barrier and you leave the garage. So you do not have to go past the payment machine first, but leave the car park with your payment card. The parking costs are automatically deducted from your bank account number.

Another option at APCOA PARKING is driving in and out with the same payment card. The difference with the above information is that you open the barrier with your payment card and check in our system. Leaving the garage is the same as described above.

In which parking garages can I pay in this way?

In the garages below you can easily drive out with your debit card:

•    Parking Heinekenplein
•    Parking Havenkwartier
•    Parking Savornin Lohmanplein
•    Parking Leidsche Rijn centrum
•    Parking Winkelcentrum Nova
•    Parking Albert Cuyp

You can enter and exit the following parking garages with your payment card:

•    Parking Westblaak
•    Parking Albert Cuyp

Do you have any questions regarding contactless payment at APCOA PARKING? Then contact us or contact us by telephone at 085 049 98 99.

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APCOA PARKING enters contract with 5 locations


APCOA PARKING Nederland BV will start with car park management of five locations of Hoorne Vastgoed from April 1st.

Hoorne Vastgoed is the real estate company of Vomar Supermarkten. APCOA PARKING Nederland is very content to further expand its services within this sector and will manage four locations in Amsterdam and one location in Bussum from April, 1st. The locations are:

  • Geuzenpoort
  • Middenweg
  • Cruquiuskade
  • Nobelweg
  • Landstraat

For these locations, APCOA PARKING carries out the control room and technical management from April, 1st. APCOA has years of experience in supporting supermarket chains through professional parking management and is proud to add these locations. We thank Hoorne Vastgoed for their trust.

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Rova Beheer concludes cooperation APCOA PARKING


From March, 11 APCOA PARKING will manage the Karwei Maashaven car park in Rotterdam. This is the fifth location that APCOA PARKING can add to its portfolio.

The car park with 95 parking spaces serves visitors to the hardware store, the Fit for Free gym and the surrounding catering industry. APCOA will carry out the technical management and the control room of this parking lot from the beginning of next week.

We thank Rova management for the trust you have placed and we look forward to welcoming you in one of our parking garages.

About the APCOA PARKING Group

The APCOA PARKING Group has been providing full-service parking management and expertise in 13 European countries for more than 45 years and has an extensive portfolio of customers. The APCOA Parking Group manages more than 1.4 million individual parking spaces at more than 9,000 locations and uses its international experience to deliver future-oriented and innovative parking services to car parkers and property owners. The company employs 5000 people who contribute to international knowledge and local expertise through new business and tailor-made technical solutions. The head office of the group is located in Stuttgart, Germany.

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Contactless payment at APCOA PARKING Westblaak!


We work on your parking convenience.

End of next month you can enter and exit APCOA PARKING Westblaak in Rotterdam with your debit card. When you use this option, you no longer have to go past the payment terminal and you are quickly on your way to your next destination!

How does contactless payment work at APCOA?

When you get in and out, keep your bank or credit card in front of the card reader and the barrier opens automatically. All Dutch debit cards and credit cards bearing the contactless logo are suitable for this.

To achieve the above, the parking equipment will be replaced from 4 to 28 March. You may experience some inconvenience. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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APCOA PARKING expanses with 3 projects


APCOA PARKING Nederland BV started the year well with the expansion of its portfolio with three new projects. These projects are:

Parking lot Zuidpark in Amsterdam 
Car park Ringbaan Oost in Tilburg
Car park Ursula in Roermond

We thank our clients for their trust and looking forward to welcome you in one of our car parks.


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Albert Cuyp car park Amsterdam wins ESPA Gold Award!


The car park Albert Cuyp in Amsterdam was awarded with an ESPA Gold Award on November, 21st. This award is the acknowledgment for parking garages of exceptionally high quality and is awarded by Vexpan, the parking platform in the Netherlands.

The management of this car park has been outsourced by the Municipality of Amsterdam to APCOA PARKING. APCOA has been happy to manage this very modern parking garage since the opening in May. The car park accommodates 600 cars and 60 bicycles. The Albert Cuypgarage is the first parking garage built under an Amsterdam canal and is located under the water of the Ruysdaelkade near the Albert Cuyp market. With this car park places disappear in the Albert Cuyp neighborhood and there is more room for pedestrians, cyclists, children playing, greenery and play areas.

The car park is open 24/7 and we are looking forward to welcome you!


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APCOA PARKING Netherlands introduces the APCOA Flex Card


APCOA PARKING The Netherlands recently introduced the APCOA Flex Card in APCOA PARKING Malieveld in The Hague.

APCOA PARKING The Netherlands recently introduced the APCOA Flex Card in APCOA PARKING Malieveld in The Hague. Parkers in possession of this card never have to pass the payment terminal and pay their parking costs monthly afterwards. In addition, a maximum rate per parking action per day has been set which makes this card even more attractive. The flex card is ideal for flexworkers and part-timers who park in APCOA PARKING Malieveld with some regularity. When this product is received positively in the market, the number of garages in which this product is available will be further expanded.

More information or request directly? Then please contact us!

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