Because our equipment (entry- and payment machines) run synchronously, the premature switchover of a tariff or an incorrect calculation is impossible. If the entry machine displays 10:05, then the payment machine also displays 10:05.
The time on our equipment is an instrumental time that we have entered manually. This time is not necessarily identical to the radio or satellite time displayed on your watch and can vary a couple of minutes.

You have the option of notifying us at the payment machine itself by pressing the 'call' button. We can send you an e-mail with a receipt.

Please insert your bank notes. When your notes are not being accepted, please report this to our car park office using the call /help button.

Value card:
The value on the card is fixed. When the value of the card is exceeded, you will have to pay the difference at the ticket machine. You will insert the entry card that you received by entering the parking in the machine. Afterwards you will insert the value card. You will afterwards receive one card from the machine and with this card you can leave the car park.

The number of hours on the time card is fixed (1, 2, or 4 hours). When the hours on the card are exceeded, you will need to pay the difference at the ticket machine.

The time between payment at the payment machines and your exit through the barrier is determined by the size of the car park. If this time is exceeded, "Further payment needed" will be displayed at the exit and you will have to settle this amount at the ticket machine.

No, the parking contract is the basis for payment. You receive a quarterly invoice (free of charge) by e-mail when you pay with direct debit. For invoices that have to be sent by mail in combination with direct debt you will pay € 4,50 per invoice. When you do not choose for direct debt the price for receiving the invoice by e-mail will be € 4,50 and € 9,00 for an invoice sent by mail. 

It is reliable, easier for you and save you the cost of any notice because you always pay on time.

Yes, you can do this online, in writing: APCOA PARKING Netherlands BV, Westblaak 88, 3012 KM Rotterdam or by e-mail: administratie[at]

Solar radiation or contact with magnets (for instance the lock on your handbag) can decode the card. 

The agreement is for a minimum period of 3 months. After this period, this agreement will be extended indefinitely. Termination of the agreement will take place by notice by registered letter with a notice period of at least one calendar month.

Please cancel your contract in writing by registered post to our Administration Office, APCOA PARKING Netherlands BV, Westblaak 88, 3012 KM Rotterdam or send an e-mail to Please do not forget to mention your customer number or contract number. You will receive a written confirmation from us.

You can also terminate your contract online.