Sustainable business at APCOA PARKING

At APCOA we attach importance to social responsibility and sustainability and this is measured by the people who use, deliver and benefit from our services. That is why we offer special support for mothers with small children, people with physical disabilities and seniors.

Safety is important to us

We do everything we can to make our garages and parking facilities safe and user-friendly. Our employees are trained and qualified in the area of ​​health and safety at our locations, and they are given every opportunity to further develop their careers.

The future is important to us

APCOA PARKING is thinking about the future. As a company that deals with traffic and parking management, we consider it our duty to work in a sustainable way and to invest in our knowledge and resources to alleviate the negative impact of heavy traffic on our roads.

Less pollution from traffic management

There is close cooperation with manufacturers of navigation systems to combat traffic congestion in large cities, as these problems are often caused by drivers looking for a parking space. We provide clear, consistent signs that quickly guide drivers to a parking facility managed by APCOA PARKING.

Less pollution from technology

APCOA PARKING is committed to stimulating, developing and introducing new technologies to combat pollution. That is why special charging points for electric cars have been installed in many of our parking facilities.

In addition, we are involved in the development of shuttle buses with low CO2 emissions at large international airports. The operational procedures in our parking management are consistently aimed at limiting the impact on the environment.

More energy consumption in the APCOA parking facilities

We use LED lighting and motion sensors at ticket machines to drastically reduce the energy consumption in the parking facilities managed by us. As a result, the energy consumption has decreased by more than 70%.

A better life

We always try to find new ways to reduce energy consumption, provide better service to customers and involve the local community in our work. We provide social sponsorship, invest heavily in the community and develop packages with services such as our mobility platform, specifically intended for you for your regular parkers.

Our results


APCOA PARKING has installed electric charging stations in the majority of managed parking facilities, allowing customers to recharge their electric vehicle while they are out shopping, attending a conference or exhibition or traveling.

Motorists with an electric vehicle usually have two problems: a short distance range and long charging times. We help them with our range of technically advanced parking spaces.