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Parking in The Hague

Some places are forever in your heart. The Hague is one of them: the best of both worlds. City of peace and justice. From city and beach. From new styles and old masters. From shops and palaces. From exotic cuisine and Dutch fish port. From international justice and wisdom from the street. Van Hagenaars and Hagenezen. Discover The Hague!


Open all day, Underground car park

If you are disabled, you can use special spaces
per 55 minutes from  3
Parking Havenkwartier

Open all day, Multistorey car park

If you are disabled, you can use special spaces
You get a signal so you can use your phone.
Parking Savornin Lohmanplein

Open all day, Car park (surface)

An elevator or lift is a type of vertical transportation that moves people or goods between floors (levels, decks) of a multilevel carpark.

Parking in The Hague: APCOA offers centrally located parking garages

APCOA offers three parking facilities in The Hague, including the Havenkwartier near the harbor and Scheveningen beach.

The historic Binnenhof, the square around which the most important buildings in Dutch politics are located, is right in the heart of Den Haag. Park in our Malieveld location to explore the Binnenhof and its buildings, including the Ridderzaal and De Eerste Kamer. 

Malieveld is a 10-hectare field and event space in Den Haag: park here for events, or to explore the grounds, which are home to a skate park and pavilion. Our Malieveld car park is also convenient for the Mauritshuis Museum, which houses a small but important collection of paintings from the Dutch Golden Age.

As well as being an internationally respected city of law, politics, and culture, Den Haag is a great place to sample the beach lifestyle. Beach Scheveningen, with its clubs, restaurants, and shops, is just 2 km from the centre of Den Haag. You can easily explore Scheveningen from the Havenkwartier car park.


All car parks are opened and accessible. We keep a close eye on developments regarding COVID-19 and follow RIVM guidelines to create a safe environment for our customers and employees. See how we can prevent further spread together!