APCOA PARKING Netherlands BV is part of APCOA PARKING GROUP, the number one park operator in Europe. With over 45 years experience in parking management and an annual turnover of over 1 miljard APCOA distinguishes itself from its competitors. The group manages and operates over 1.4 million parking spaces on more than 9,000 locations in 13 European countries. All car parks offer a customer-oriented service and manage on tailor-made contracts.

APCOA PARKING offers business partners a sophisticated product portfolio with versatile solutions and services. The basis of APCOA PARKING is tailor made car park management which can be extended with additional services. We are purely a service provider and does not own any property ourselves. Therefore we do not compete with property owners and investors.

Our promise: We know how!

  • APCOA PARKING combines international experience from 13 countries with regional expertise.
  • APCOA PARKING offers made-to-measure solutions.
  • APCOA PARKING is a leaseholder and therefore independent and objective.
  • APCOA PARKING buys car parks together with investors.
  • APCOA PARKING is offering tailor made service to her business partners.

The best solution for each parking facility

For each parking the environment determines the needs of the customer. At shopping centers you will park for several hours, at the airport or railway station possibly several days. If desired, APCOA PARKING can accompany all objects from the development process. We offer you a tailor made plan with rates that fit the target group and location after a thorough site analysis. Even with existing objects APCOA PARKING is able to rise sales with the latest techniques and effective marketing.

APCOA PARKING offers flexible contracts

We offer different contract models, such as a fixed rent, fixed rent combined with turnover rent, only turnover rent or a management contract for a fee. This enables a flexible cooperation.


The certainty of number one!

When you sign a contract with APCOA PARKING you will benefit from the security and stability of the number one in Europe. Investors and property owners receive the following benefits:

  • Strong purchasing position
  • Good market penetration
  • Financial stability
  • Investors are happy to rent with APCOA


Please contact our Business Development department.  You can reach them via phone number +31 (0)85-049 98 99. They are more than happy to inform you about the different possibilities.