Below you will find an overview of the various services that APCOA PARKING Nederland can support you with. We work in a customer-oriented and flexible way: whether it is a small or a large project or a combination of the different disciplines, we will work with you to find a solution that matches your objectives.

On the basis of long-term rental contracts, APCOA PARKING exploits existing and newly opened parking facilities on its own title and at its own risk. Creativity and flexibility are the main focus in contractual agreements with often a combination of fixed and variable rent  whereby both the landlord and the tenant benefit from good performance. Projects are developed and purchased in close collaboration with specialised investors, that APCOA PARKING will exploit afterwards.

Our services extend to parking lots, car parks, parking support during events and parking enforcement. With 50 years of experience in managing parking facilities in 13 European countries, we have the knowledge, organisation skills and technology to ensure smooth parking on your location to optimise usage and revenues. APCOA PARKING knows which requirements are set for parking in all environments and uses a vertical market approach that can be broken down into the market segments: retail, events, healthcare and travel.

Traffic Management is a system developed to manage traffic flows in busy service zones. This system has already been successfully used at various airports and ensures that only authorised taxis enter and leave service areas, avoiding long queues and chaos.

APCOA PARKING advises landlords and property owners in concepts and planning and provides analysis of customer profiles and demand. This support already starts in the planning phase of new construction and renovations and includes feasibility studies, advice and design and financing brokerage.

APCOA PARKING is a pioneer in the development and implementation of new technologies and has built its own e-business platform to support the world's largest parking reservation system at London Gatwick Airport. Today, APCOA PARKING manages online parking reservations at more than 50 international airports in Europe. In addition to pre-booking parking spaces, we sell a wide range of products via our online platforms such as value cards, season tickets and subscriptions.



APCOA FLOW is at the heart of our vision of connecting parking and mobility. An innovative digital platform that transforms parking into a faster, more convenient and stress-free mobility experience and stimulates engagement of the consumer. With APCOA FLOW, the search for parking spaces, the use of parking cards, change and queuing at payment terminals are things of the past. Optimisation of the search and navigation to the desired parking space reduces search traffic, with which APCOA PARKING actively contributes to the reduction of emissions in cities and becomes an integral part of the Smart City.

FLOW is dynamic: the platform is constantly expanding and responds to contemporary customer needs, such as pre-booking parking spaces and entering car parks without barriers. The FLOW platform also enables APCOA PARKING to convert parking garages into mobility hubs in which additional services such as different forms of (electric) partial transport are accommodated and combined into a unique mobility experience.