The Erasmus Bridge, one of the most beautiful bridges in Rotterdam. The bridge, also known as "De Zwaan", was built in 1996 and is more than four football fields long. The beautiful white bridge is not to be missed and is a must-see in Rotterdam. Curious where you can park? In our Maastoren parking garage you can park near the Erasmus Bridge.


The Erasmus Bridge

The Erasmus Bridge is the connection between the northern and southern part of Rotterdam and is the icon of the city. The Erasmus Bridge is not just a bridge, but a suspension bridge. This makes the bridge extra special with its 139 meter high steel pylon, which is mounted with forty cables. It can be said that this is a fine piece of engineering, and of which you as a Rotterdammer can be very proud.

If you want to see Rotterdam at its best, take a walk on the Erasmus Bridge and watch the large ships sail by. In the evening the special shape of the bridge is illuminated with atmospheric light. The bridge is not only loved by Rotterdammers, but also by many tourists.


Pleasant and cheap parking at the Erasmus Bridge

If you want to visit the Erasmus Bridge, it is nice to know where you can park cheaply. At APCOA PARKING you can park for favorable rates in various cities, including Rotterdam. You can park in the Maastoren, near the Erasmus Bridge. The Maastoren car park is located in the large Deloitte building.

Parking on the street can sometimes be more expensive than at parking garages. In our Maastoren parking garage we assure you of a cheaper parking rate than on the street. You can easily drive in and out 24/7 and there are more than 450 parking spaces. So there is always a parking space available, so you can always park with peace of mind.


Parking for 24 hours at the weekend: € 10.00!

Parking in Rotterdam can be very expensive. Especially if you decide to park in the center. In the weekend you can park cheaply near the Erasmus Bridge. You can park for a maximum of 24 hours for only 10 euros. If you park for less than three hours, you pay the regular rate. Fortunately, our parking garage is opposite the tram station where you can easily go to the center by public transport. More information? Click on this link.


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