Parking in parking garages in Scheveningen is up to 45% cheaper than parking on the street


The municipality of The Hague has been working for some time to improve the accessibility of Scheveningen. The core of this policy is that visitors who come by car are encouraged to use the easily accessible and affordable parking garages by making parking in the parking garage much cheaper than parking in the residential streets. In this way, the residential streets remain accessible to residents and the high amount of search traffic is prevented.

Parking policy Scheveningen

There was already a maximum parking duration of 1 to 2 hours on the street, in addition, the hourly rates for parking on the street have been increased from € 4 to € 6.50 per hour as of 1 January 2023. This has resulted in parking rates in the public parking garages in Scheveningen currently being up to 45% lower than the rates on the street. Moreover, the accessibility of the parking garages is very good because they are located directly on the access roads of Scheveningen, at a maximum of 3 minutes walking distance from the beach and the boulevard.

This policy on the street has recently been further tightened. A trial was started on a very small scale at the beginning of May. Since the beginning of April, a 'permit holders only' policy has been in effect in four smaller streets where day-trippers are preferably completely banned. This concerns Harteveltstraat, Jongeneelstraat, Pellenaerstraat, Seinpostduin and the car park for the Oranjeflats on Gevers Deynootweg. At the time of this test, a deterrent rate of € 50 per parking transaction was introduced in these 4 streets. Unfortunately, in recent days this trial has been brought up by various media outlets as being the general policy for parking in Scheveningen, which is absolutely incorrect.

Parking Strand cheapest parking garage in Scheveningen

Everyone is very welcome to come to Scheveningen. The request to all visitors is to help keep Scheveningen accessible and to spare the residents. This is of course possible by using the bicycle or public transport. If you come from a greater distance and come by car, use one of the parking garages around the boulevard and the beach.

The most affordable parking garage is Parking Strand on Zwolsestraat. Located 2-3 minutes walk from both the Boulevard and the Beach. With an hourly rate of € 3.50 to € 3.90 per hour (depending on how busy it is at that time) and a maximum rate of 25 euros per day, it is currently the cheapest parking garage in Scheveningen-Bad. However, there are more parking garages in Scheveningen-Bad.

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APCOA plans 100,000 EV charging stations in its network of over 12,000 sites across Europe


As part of its new EV strategy, APCOA will make the investment to expand its AC charging infrastructure and become a leading EV charging operator. In parallel, strategic partners from the automotive industry as well as energy and charging infrastructure providers will deploy additional 1,000 fast-charging stations across APCOA’s dense location network.

  • APCOA invests in 11 to 22 kW charging stations in its over 12,000 locations 
  • Strategic partners to install additional 1,000 fast chargers with up to 350 kW 
  • New technology platform to manage infrastructure and value-added services
  • Convenient usage and payment via the APCOA FLOW & APCOA Connect apps

Stuttgart, xx September 2022 – APCOA PARKING (APCOA), Europe’s leading parking operator with 1.8 million parking spaces at over 12,000 locations in 13 countries, has announced plans to deploy up to 100,000 new EV charging stations in its parking facilities by 2035. As part of its new EV strategy, APCOA will make the investment to expand its AC charging infrastructure and become a leading EV charging operator. In parallel, strategic partners from the automotive industry as well as energy and charging infrastructure providers will deploy additional 1,000 fast-charging stations across APCOA’s dense location network. 

A new digital platform developed by APCOA will support the charging infrastructure which will be ready for non-proprietary hardware and can be operated independent of charge point ownership. This open and compatible setup allows the integration of multiple partners and services and represents a unique proposition in the market. The APCOA FLOW and APCOA Connect apps will serve as the frontend to the parking customer: They will be able to conveniently manage the entire EV charging process as well as additional value-added service including locating, booking and payment. 

“The transition to electric mobility as the dominant technical solution in road traffic is an irreversible trend. EV charging infrastructure thus represents a major component of the transformation of APCOA’s car parks into ‘Urban Hubs’. For customers, the extended service infrastructure will increase the attractiveness of our locations. For us as an operator, we see substantial revenue potential from upgrading our parking sites with EV charging and other Urban Services”, explains Philippe Op de Beeck, CEO of APCOA PARKING Group. In keeping with its commitment to carbon neutral solutions, APCOA’s charging infrastructure will run primarily on green energy.

In this context, the decision by the European Parliament to ban sales of new cars with combustion engines from 2035 is a highly significant development. A recent study from the market analysts at Dynata confirms that consumers are increasingly willing to choose an electric vehicle, even in countries that have so far been somewhat reluctant to make the transition: 64 per cent of Germans expressed an interest in buying an electric or hybrid vehicle. 

Furthermore, numerous countries have already enacted regulations to equip up to 30 per cent of public parking areas with EV charging stations, which will need to be implemented over the next few years. APCOA will work in partnership with its clients, the owners of the parking facilities, to deliver the roll out of these charging facilities, upgrading the energy grid where necessary, to offer EV users an optimal charging experience in accordance with their needs and expected parking time. 

To date, around 2,500 EV charging stations are available in car parks operated by APCOA. Based on data collected from these charging stations, APCOA expects the demand for charging stations to further increase significantly in the near future as the number of EVs continues to grow. The business generated by this new charging infrastructure aligns well with APCOA’s core parking business. It offers users attractive value-added functionality and complements the wide range of additional services in the fields of urban logistics, mobility, and technology services. The offering is being provided on a site-specific basis under the APCOA URBAN HUBS brand.

“We firmly believe in the future of electric mobility, which stands to make an important contribution on the net zero journey. Therefore, we are creating the necessary infrastructure to play our part in meeting the international decarbonisation targets. As a company, we strive to shape our growth sustainably to create a liveable and green future. In recent years, we have continuously worked to implement a wide range of ESG measures and have combined our sustainability activities in a group-wide ESG program. In doing so, all measures are aligned with the UN Global Compact agreement to which APCOA is a signatory”, says Philippe Op de Beeck.

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The parking garage will become a hub for different flows of transport


In an interview with Mobility Platform, Carlo Barten, Manager Director of APCOA PARKING Netherlands, explains that the pursuit of accessible and liveable inner cities entails enormous dynamics and requires a new interpretation of parking locations. APCOA PARKING recently launched the APCOA URBAN HUBS concept in which the parking garage is the hub of various transport flows.

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At APCOA PARKING you can park 1 Month Free when purchasing a quarterly subscription


Now that we are gradually going back to "normal", people may also go to the office more often. APCOA PARKING is cleverly responding to this and offers new customers a 3=2 offer in the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Dordrecht. This means that you can park for 3 months for the price of 2. So you get 1 month of parking as a gift!

In the center of Amsterdam this is possible in the Prins & Keizer car park on the Prinsengracht and in the Heinekenplein car park close to Albert Cuyp. You can also take advantage of this offer in the Flow Amsterdam. parking garage in the vicinity of the Rai. In Rotterdam you can park in the Westblaak parking garage in the middle of the city center and in the Scheepvaartkwartier parking garage near the Erasmus Bridge. In the heart of Dordrecht you can take advantage of this offer in the Visstraat car park.

A good promotion to try the services of APCOA PARKING. Access is quickly arranged. With this promotion you can park in the parking garage you selected within 5 days. You don't like it? The subscriptions can easily be canceled monthly after the promotional period of 3 months.

More info? Click on the cities below.

  • Amsterdam
  • Rotterdam 
  • Dordrecht
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APCOA URBAN HUBS are Providing the Physical and Digital Service Infrastructure for Sustainable Urban Life


Stuttgart, 1. February 2021 – APCOA PARKING (APCOA), Europe’s leading parking space operator, has launched APCOA URBAN HUBS to create an integrated ecosystem for the future-ready and sustainable use of parking spaces. To develop and implement their own business models, strategic partners get access to the physical and digital infrastructure of APCOA. Customers on the other hand, benefit from an expanded range of innovative services and products. Lastly, the asset values of real estate owners are enhanced by higher frequencies due to a wide range of additional use cases based on APCOA’s strong network of strategic partners.

“The digital and on-demand economy, especially in the field of mobility and logistics, needs a physical basis and a smart and flexible infrastructure. With more than 11,000 sites we have created Europe’s largest network of digitally connected car parks. Our hubs combine parking with logistics and technology services, shared mobility platforms and charging infrastructure for electric vehicles – and are already making a major contribution to creating the Smart Cities of the future”, explains Philippe Op de Beeck, CEO of APCOA PARKING Group.

Under the APCOA URBAN HUBS brand, APCOA is extending the functionality of its car parking facilities, integrating them into a dedicated digital ecosystem based on the company’s proprietary digital platform, APCOA FLOW. All car parks are thereby transformed into potential hubs for a broad range of sustainable services. The company’s initial focus is on multi-storey car parks in inner-city areas. These locations offer the greatest potential for improving the efficiency of last-mile logistics, reducing inner-city logistics traffic and, as a result, achieving substantial reductions in CO2 emissions. By increasing the provision of electric charging infrastructure, APCOA URBAN HUBS also actively support the mobility transition to electric mobility. City dwellers and commuters without own parking space or charging station will find a suitable offer in APCOA’s URBAN HUBS. Only with a guaranteed access to this infrastructure the purchase of an electric vehicle becomes appealing.  

“Over the next few years, we want to continuously expand our network of several hundred APCOA URBAN HUBS throughout Europe. For car park owners, our expertise creates value by diversifying cash flows and enabling a sustainable strategy that has a positive impact on the long-term value of their assets. Currently, we are engaged in promising talks with a large number of potential partners. All of them appreciate our high location density and the fact that 230 million consumers are reachable around our properties in European city centres. Consequently, our current and potential partners are keen to take advantage of APCOA’s advanced digital network to enhance their own business models”, explains Op de Beeck. Currently, Bosch, BVG, Daimler, E.ON, HERE Technologies, Sixt and UFO Drive are amongst the strategic partners of APCOA.

The APCOA brand has long been synonymous with the consistent implementation of a comprehensive digital and innovation strategy. In 2018, the company launched APCOA FLOW, its multi-award-winning, scalable platform that provides its partners with integrated, contact-free access to inner-city car parks via individual interfaces. “As a result, we are very well positioned to meet the challenges associated with evolving parking space usage and the requirements of cities and municipalities. It is only by anticipating and actively helping to shape fundamental economic and societal processes that we will be able to successfully adapt to and benefit from these changes”, says Carlo Barten, MD of the Netherlands.

Urban Hubs is APCOA’s answer to some of the greatest trends of this day and age: the significant growth of online and on-demand commerce, which drives demand for inner-city logistics space, increasing urbanisation and the rise of electric mobility.

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APCOA PARKING is expanding its locations in The Hague with the Haga Hospital Leyweg car park


Since 1 February 2021, the APCOA PARKING Haga Hospital Leyweg parking garage in The Hague has been accessible to visitors to the hospital and the apartments above. This new car park is part of the Schoone Ley, a redevelopment of the area around the hospital that will eventually create 600 homes and various commercial facilities. The first building section, including the car park, has recently been completed. The entire construction project will be completed in 2022.

This spacious and pleasantly furnished parking garage offers space for 842 vehicles divided over two underground parking layers. Naturally, this car park has a strong focus on supporting the nearby hospital, but all employees and visitors of the companies in and around De Schoone Ley as well as visiting residents in the area are very welcome. The entrances and exits are located on the Escamplaan. The car park has sufficient parking spaces for the disabled, charging points for electric vehicles and special parking spaces for borrowing wheelchairs for the disabled. The car park disposes the latest state of technology such as license plate recognition and the option to drive in and out with a bank card. If many visitors want to pay at the same time and all 4 payment terminals are already occupied, the visitor can also pay at the exit when leaving the car park.

APCOA PARKING Nederland B.V. is part of the European market leader APCOA PARKING GROUP. With 50 years of experience in the parking field and an annual turnover of more than 1 billion, APCOA PARKING distinguishes itself from its competitors. It manages and operates over 1.5 million parking spaces at more than 9,500 locations in 13 European countries. This includes parking spaces at 1,800 city and shopping centers, 400 hotels, 150 hospitals and 58 European airports.

APCOA PARKING Nederland B.V. thanks Catella Parken Europe and Orange Investment Managers for the trust they have placed and looks forward to a pleasant cooperation. 

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APCOA PARKING adds premium location in Maastricht


APCOA PARKING is further expanding its locations in the province Limburg and will offer its services from 2021 at the Brusselse Poort shopping center in Maastricht-West.

As part of the renovation and redevelopment of the shopping center, owner HB Capital has decided to start operating the associated four parking lots with a capacity of 550 parking spaces from January. APCOA PARKING has been contracted for the parking management and will completely unburden HB Capital. In addition to remote management from the central control room, APCOA PARKING also takes care of the technical, operational and financial management.

In the first week of January, the installation of new state of the art parking equipment will start, which will take approximately 1 week. The signage will also be refreshed and renewed. During this work, the parking lots of the Brusselse Poort shopping center will remain accessible. As soon as the installation is ready, APCOA PARKING uses on-site parking hosts who are happy to guide visitors through the new system.

APCOA PARKING Nederland would like to thank HB Capital for the trust placed in it and looks forward to a successful and long-term cooperation!

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APCOA PARKING wants to become a digital leader in the Netherlands


More and more owners of parking facilities and investment companies choose APCOA PARKING as the ideal parking partner. Our management portfolio in the Netherlands has doubled in the past 3 years to 75 public garages in 11 cities. Especially in the large cities APCOA is strongly represented with nine parking garages in Amsterdam, five in Rotterdam, three in The Hague and two in Utrecht. In Europe, APCOA PARKING is by far the largest parking operator with 1.5 million parking spaces at 9,500 locations and an annual turnover of almost 1 billion euros.

Our Managing Director, Carlo Barten, tells in an extensive and personal interview in the December edition of the magazine Wintergasten that he strives for a digital and sustainable leading position in the Netherlands. Read (in dutch) how this will be realized partly through good partnership and the use of the products APCOA Urban Hubs and APCOA FLOW.

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Flexible parking solution in corona times


Did you or your staff previously go to work by public transport and now and then by car and does your company have insufficient or no parking facilities? At APCOA PARKING we can imagine that you may need extra flexibility now that people no longer go to the office every day. With the APCOA Flex Card you pay your parking costs monthly afterwards so that you can leave without any hassle and quickly get back to your next destination. In addition, you save 10 to 30% when you reach the maximum daily rate.


Your benefits:

  • Park at a lower maximum daily rate
  • No more queuing at the payment terminal
  • Quickly back on the road
  • Pay monthly afterwards

How does the APCOA Flex Card work?

  • You pay the regular parking rate with a maximum daily rate that is 10 to 30% lower than the regular maximum daily rate.
  • You can easily drive in and out by holding the APCOA Flex Card against the terminal.
  • You pay your parking costs monthly afterwards.
  • When ordering, you pay a one-time € 25.00* administration fee per card.
  • The card is only valid in the garage where you purchase it.
  • Per APCOA Flex Card you pay monthly € 4.13* in addition to your parking costs.
  • The minimum term is 3 months. You can then cancel per calendar month.

More information about rates or ordering can be done directly on our website!

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APCOA and HERE to partner on joint digital parking initiative


APCOA PARKING, Europe’s leading parking operator, and HERE Technologies, a leading location data and technology platform, today announced plans for a strategic technology and commercial partnership.

Strategic collaboration around digital parking services and high-definition (HD) 3D indoor maps for the automotive industry and smart cities

May 25, 2020

Amsterdam/Stuttgart - APCOA PARKING, Europe's leading parking operator, and HERE Technologies, a leading location data and technology platform, today announced plans for a strategic technology and commercial partnership.

Both companies intend to develop and commercialize digital parking services and HD indoor maps of parking facilities in Europe. To this end, they plan to combine their complementary capabilities in parking and mapping to jointly pursue business opportunities in the automotive and urban mobility sectors.

APCOA FLOW serves as the associated brand and underlying open digital platform for all digital parking and mobility service offerings of APCOA. In the planned collaboration, HERE takes the role as the technical integrator, supporting a true end-to-end, location-enriched, user experience throughout a driver's journey. Key touchpoints for users will be in-car infotainment systems, apps and websites.

Initially, the two partners plan to enhance APCOA's almost 10,000 sites in 13 European countries with location data and services on the HERE platform. Based on this, they aim to build a joint parking solution for car makers, mobility service providers and smart cities. Further target segments will include fleet operators, smart logistics and TIER 1 suppliers. The intention is to make this solution available and marketed through the HERE Marketplace.

In addition, both companies are also looking to kickstart a joint initiative for the creation of HD 3D indoor maps of parking garages in Europe. This would enable the development of new services like autonomous valet parking and pre-booking of parking spaces for seamless end-to-end routing as well as augmented reality-related experiences for end users.

"We are very excited to join forces with HERE to enhance the mobility experience of drivers across Europe with seamless digital parking services", states Frank van der Sant, Chief Commercial Officer at APCOA. "And the development of HD 3D maps of our car parks for indoor navigation will be a real first to market innovation made available on a larger scale."

"With our complementary strengths in parking and location technology, a partnership between APCOA and HERE is really a natural fit", said Jorgen Behrens, Chief Product Officer at HERE Technologies. "We are looking forward to jointly building a broad portfolio of indoor parking maps for wayfinding and autonomous parking and also further expand the HERE Marketplace offering with this new content."

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