APCOA PARKING aims to use car parks throughout Europe as logistics hubs


Stuttgart - After a successful test phase at multi-storey car parks in Stuttgart, the number of multi-storey car parks used as logistics hub for parcels and other deliveries will be expanded.

APCOA PARKING tested this concept in various car parks in Stuttgart together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering and Organization and the logistics company Velocarrier. During off-peak hours, the packages were delivered to the parking garage, after which Velocarrier employees picked up the packages with cargo bikes and started their delivery tour in the area.

Reduction of delivery traffic in the center

The goal is to keep the delivery traffic with large trucks out of the often narrow streets of the city center. Billing is done online and not with fixed rental prices for the space, but depending on the size and the useful life.

In addition to small logistics companies, APCOA PARKING also wants to get the large companies on board. In addition to the car parks in the city center, APCOA has a wide range of parking locations, such as parking garages at airports or at more remote shopping centers. Ideal for larger trucks and logistics parties who can then tranship their goods.