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Parking Cruquiuskade


Johan de Rijkestraat 1
, 1018 AM Amsterdam
+31 85 049 98 99

Parking tariff

from €6.00 per 60 minutes
to €55.00 per day

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun
Open all day

Quick information

Total Spaces
2.00 m
Entrance height
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Parking Cruquiuskade-2
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Parking Cruquiuskade-32

Parking Tariff

€ 6.00 per 60 minutes and possibly. a portion of each subsequent 60 minutes. Maximum daily rate is € 55.00.


Are you a customer of Vomar, Estafette or Spirit? Then the first 2 hours of parking is free. Are you parking for more than 2 hours? From the start of the 3rd hour you pay € 6.00 per 60 minutes and possibly a portion of each subsequent 60 minutes.

Lost card: € 80,00

Car Park Description

Parking for customers of Vomar supermarket, Estafette or Spirit..


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