Parking near the boulevard in Scheveningen

Scheveningen is a popular seaside resort for national and international tourists and can be very busy during some periods. This makes parking a difficult task near the boulevard. This beautiful part of The Hague attracts more than 13 million visitors and has a number of major attractions, such as Sea Life, Holland Casino, the Circustheater and De Pier.

You can park in various parking garages, which is why we have listed the parking options for you, so that you can park with certainty and enjoy a nice day out in Scheveningen and on the boulevard. Curious about the possibilities? Then read on.

Parking nearby the boulevard of Scheveningen

Looking for a parking garage near the boulevard in Scheveningen? Then you have come to the right place for parking at APCOA Parking. You are only less than a minute away from the boulevard from the parking garage. From the parking garage - APCOA Parking Kurhaus - you walk past the beautiful Kurhaus directly to the boulevard and then onto the beach.

Our parking garage has wide lanes and 250 parking spaces. During high season the car park can be fully occupied, so we advise you to plan your ride in advance so that you can park stress-free. Would you like to see the current availability of this parking garage? Then click on this link. If the parking garage is full, APCOA Parking Nieuwe Parklaan is also an option to park your car there. This parking garage, with more than 550 parking spaces, is a few minutes away from the boulevard and the beach.

The activities nearby and on the boulevard of Scheveningen

Scheveningen is the place to be for a nice day out. Especially on the boulevard you can enjoy a drink on various terraces, eat delicious food at one of the restaurants or stay in the Kurhaus or Carlton Beach. It is not without reason that the boulevard is a popular place, because in the evening you can go to one of the beach bars for a pleasant night out. Many beach bars have a hipster look and that really brings out the atmosphere. You can also park nearby at our parking garage at Zwarte Pad. Please note: the parking garage is not covered.

Scheveningen, especially the boulevard, is full of surprises. There are many attractions nearby and you can park within walking distance at:


  • SEA Life aquarium
  • Pathé Scheveningen
  • De Pier 
  • Crazy Piano’s 
  • Barbarossa 
  • WHOOSAH Beachclub
  • Palace Promenade
  • Legoland Scheveningen

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Our parking garages in Scheveningen

In addition to our parking garage - APCOA Parking Kurhaus - close to the boulevard, you can also park in other parking garages in Scheveningen. We will briefly explain all our parking garages in Scheveningen below.

First you can park your car at APCOA PARKING Nieuwe Parklaan. From this parking garage you are about a minute's walk from the boulevard. The parking garage in Scheveningen has a total of 570 parking spaces and has more than ten parking decks!

Finally, you can park at APCOA PARKING Strand for a cheaper rate. This parking garage has more than 2000 parking spaces, making it the largest parking garage in the Netherlands! From this parking garage in Scheveningen you are about ten minutes walking distance from the boulevard.

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