More convenience in payment in parking garages


You can pay, in more and more places, with your debit card without having to enter your pin code. This brings a lot of convenience and safety. After all, you travel with less cash on the street and your pin code cannot be copied.


In the parking world, this form of payment, also known as tap & go, has been around for some time. Abroad, you can already pay for contactless tolls at toll booths and parking machines and in the Netherlands this payment method is becoming more and more known. This payment method is suitable for a maximum amount of € 50.00.

At APCOA PARKING we have a number of car parks that already offer this payment convenience. You can draw a ticket at the entrance and then pay at the payment machine with your bank or credit card, but you can also exit with your payment card. This gives the following conveniences:

  • You do not need a parking ticket
  • You no longer have to go to the payment machine
  • You are quickly on your way to your next destination

How does contactless payment work at APCOA PARKING?

All payment cards with the contactless logo are suitable for driving out. By holding your card in front of the card reader at the exit you open the barrier and you leave the garage. So you do not have to go past the payment machine first, but leave the car park with your payment card. The parking costs are automatically deducted from your bank account number.

Another option at APCOA PARKING is driving in and out with the same payment card. The difference with the above information is that you open the barrier with your payment card and check in our system. Leaving the garage is the same as described above.

In which parking garages can I pay in this way?

In the garages below you can easily drive out with your debit card:

•    Parking Heinekenplein
•    Parking Havenkwartier
•    Parking Savornin Lohmanplein
•    Parking Leidsche Rijn centrum
•    Parking Winkelcentrum Nova
•    Parking Albert Cuyp

You can enter and exit the following parking garages with your payment card:

•    Parking Westblaak
•    Parking Albert Cuyp

Do you have any questions regarding contactless payment at APCOA PARKING? Then contact us or contact us by telephone at 085 049 98 99.