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Parking Winkelcentrum Nova


Churchillaan 11
, 3527 BT Utrecht

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun
06:00 - 01:00
First two hours is free parking. Scroll down for other rates.

Quick information

Total Spaces
2.10 m
Entrance height


dip & go
Contactless payment

Parking Tariff

  • First 2 hours: Free parking
  • First 0.5 afterwards until the 2,5 hour: € 0,50
  • Second 0,5 hour untill the 3rd hour: € 1,00
  • From the 3rd hour: € 5,00 per hour
  • Maximum daily rate: € 25,00

Car Park Description

Parking Winkelcentrum Nova is situated next to the shopping center Nova in Kanaleneiland. 



dip & go
Contactless payment

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