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Parking in Groningen

Groningen is a vibrant student city. The youngest city in the Netherlands has a long, turbulent history and that can be seen in the historic warehouses, courtyards and buildings. Groningen is also a city with guts, the city has the most innovative architecture within its borders. And Groningen was once voted Best Inner City, because it is so good to be there. Experience Groningen!

Parking Paddepoel

Closing today: 22:00, Multistorey car park

You get a signal so you can use your phone.

Parking at the Paddepoel shopping center

APCOA offers a parking facility in Groningen at the Paddepoel Shopping Center. This is the largest indoor shopping center in the north and is located in the Paddepoel district outside the center of Groningen. The shopping center offers more than 80 stores under one roof and offers free Wi-Fi