AFAS Circustheater Scheveningen

Musicals, theater shows, family shows, cabaret shows and much more. You will find it all at the AFAS Circustheater. With over 100 years of theater history and these days mainly famous for the moving shows of Stage Entertainment Nederland, this theater is worth a place on the bucket list. The Circustheater has developed over the years into a chic and elegant location and a place-to-be for theater lovers. In the AFAS Circustheater Scheveningen you will experience a performance you will never forget.


History of AFAS Circustheater

The theater was opened on July 16, 1904 by Circus Schumann under the name Circusgebouw and was a real circus in Scheveningen until the 1960s, which could only be visited during the summer period. At that time, every summer a well-known circus family stood with a tent, where the current Circustheater stands. The building was later named Circus Strassburger. The animals were transported by train from different cities to Hollands Spoor Station. From there, the animals were transported via the track of tram line 11 to the Duinstraat. There was an exhaust platform for the animals. The circus animals were escorted from there to Gevers Deynootplein.


Parking | AFAS Circustheater Scheveningen

Parking in Scheveningen can be quite a task due to the crowds and current regulations. That is why we recommend that you plan your trip shortly in advance. Below we briefly describe which parking garages you can go to for a pleasant afternoon or evening out in the Circustheater.

At APCOA PARKING we have a number of parking garages that are a few minutes' walk away from the Circustheater. You can park your car at APCOA PARKING Nieuwe Parklaan. From this parking garage you are about a minute's walk from the Circustheater. The parking garage in Scheveningen has a total of 570 parking spaces and has more than ten parking decks!

We then have a parking garage near the beautiful Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus. The luxurious 5-star hotel is located on the coast of Scheveningen and offers an amazing view from their 270 rooms, 10 meeting and event rooms, a restaurant and terrace. APCOA PARKING Kurhaus is a four-minute walk from the Circustheater and has 250 parking spaces, so plenty of space to park your car there.

Finally, you can park at APCOA PARKING Strand for a cheaper rate. This parking garage has more than 2000 parking spaces, making it the largest parking garage in the Netherlands! From this parking garage in Scheveningen you are a ten minute walk from the Circustheater.

More information about our parking garages and parking in Scheveningen? Click here.


A night out in Scheveningen

Besides the beautiful and luxurious theater there are many other activities that you can do in Scheveningen. This beautiful part of The Hague is a popular attraction for national and international visitors. Throughout the year there are dance parties, comedy shows, live performances, musicals, cool events on the beach and performances. On the boulevard in Scheveningen you can dine extensively in one of the countless restaurants, from simple to luxurious.

In the evening you can enjoy a beautiful view from the pier or from the beach. Be overwhelmed with the beautiful lights and or take the Ferris wheel during the day and enjoy the beautiful skyline of The Hague.

Would you rather catch a movie? That is possible at Pathé Scheveningen. This cinema is located in the heart of Scheveningen. Or would you like to take a gamble at Holland Casino Scheveningen? It's all possible in this beautiful seaside resort. Curious where you can park? Click here for more information about our parking garages.