For regular users

It is possible that you temporarily park a bit more often than you normally do. We offer you a solution for this in the form of a weekly or monthly card. You buy this card at the payment machine in the car park. The card replaces the ticket that you pulled while entering. This way you do not have to go to the payment terminal every time and you save money because you get discount on the regular parking tariff.

How does it work?

On arrival:

Take a parking ticket at the entrance and go to the payment terminal (after parking your car).

At the payment terminal:

  • Enter your parking ticket
  • Select the right product at the top of the screen (weekly ticket or monthly ticket)
  • Pay the amount indicated on the payment terminal. Your tickets is now updated and you can enter and exit the parking 24/7 during the specified period.


Available in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague

The weekly or 4 weekly card is available in:

PlaceCar parkProductPrice incl. VAT
Amsterdam  APCOA PARKING Flow Amsterdam  4 weekly card  € 364,00
Amsterdam  APCOA PARKING Antarctica  4 weekly card   € 300,00
Rotterdam  APCOA PARKING Westblaak  4 weekly card   € 360,00
The HagueAPCOA PARKING Hosptial Leyweg4 weekly card € 180,00
Amsterdam  APCOA PARKING Heinekenplein  Weekly card € 220,00
Amsterdam  APCOA PARKING Prins & Keizer  Weekly card  € 220,00
Rotterdam  APCOA PARKING Westblaak  Weekly card  € 120,00
The HagueAPCOA PARKING Hospital LeywegWeekly card€   50,00