APCOA PARKING and Urbee start a partnership for Park & Cycle


APCOA PARKING and Urbee are joining forces and offer Urbee e-bikes in APCOA parking garages, so car drivers can easily and economically park their car and continue their journey in the city comfortably and efficiently by e-bike.

Two success formulas work together Park (APCOA) & Cycle (Urbee)

Parking pressure in the Netherlands continues to increase and parking spaces are scarce and expensive, especially in the large cities. APCOA PARKING has excellent accessible parking garages at various locations in the major cities. Urbee has a sub-network of high-end e-bikes that can be easily booked via the Urbee Go app. From July 2019, the Urbee e-bikes will be available in the APCOA parking garages. This has the great advantage that the visitor can park his car quickly and easily and from there can use the e-bike to continue the road efficiently, quickly and pleasantly to appointments or places of interest in the city. Healthy for the driver and better for the environment and road safety by limiting search traffic.


The Urbee e-bikes are available immediately in APCOA PARKING Heinekenplein in Amsterdam and can be found at the top of the entrance to the parking garage. Everyone can use these e-bikes by downloading the Urbee Go app, available for iOS and Android. In the coming months, a lot of work is being done on the expansion of Urbee's e-bikes service in Rotterdam, The Hague and other locations in Amsterdam.

About the APCOA PARKING Group

The APCOA PARKING Group has been providing full-service parking management and expertise in 13 European countries for more than 45 years and has an extensive portfolio of customers. The APCOA Parking Group manages more than 1.4 million individual parking spaces at more than 9,000 locations and uses its international experience to provide forward-looking and innovative parking services to parkers and property owners. The company has 5,000 employees who contribute to international knowledge and local expertise through new business and customized technical solutions. The group's head office is located in Stuttgart, Germany. More information: www.apcoa.nl and info@apcoa.nl.

About Urbee

Urbee was founded in 2016 and aims to make the city cleaner and more livable by getting motorists on an electric bicycle. Urbee does that via a network of locations (Urbee stations) where you can use an e-bike via the Urbee Go app. Urbee believes that electric bicycle sharing is a healthy and fun way to combat traffic, air pollution and crowded cities. The e-bikes are available in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Nijmegen. It is Urbee's ambition to further expand the network in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in the coming years. More information: www.urbee.nl and info@urbee.nl.

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