Parking is our profession

We provide parking management services and multiple parking facilities: above ground parking, underground parking, multilayer parking garages, parking during events and monitoring of parking facilities.

Our years of experience in a lot of countries with the management of parking facilities provides local knowledge, organizational skills and technology to maximize your revenue, optimize your reputation and protect your property.

More than just a barrier

APCOA PARKING does more than just allocate parking spaces. We offer an advanced range of additional services, such as online solutions and software for parking management, management of campaigns and cost and income management.

We arrange the flow

We deliver innovative solutions in the field of traffic management which reduce congestion and waiting times in regions with heavy traffic, such as airports and events.

Both our parking management and traffic management solutions use the same advanced technology for meticulous management of environments with intensive and dynamic vehicle movements.

We are innovative

Our expertise in traffic and parking management is invaluable in identifying potential improvements, both in operation and in technology.

We have developed and implemented traffic management and reservation systems for a number of our largest customers and busiest locations in the field.

In the spring of 2018, we launched APCOA FLOW, a mobility platform with a navigation function that provides parkers with, among other things, an app with which you can reserve in advance, drive in and out at our locations and pay for parking afterwards.

We never compete with real estate owners

APCOA PARKING provides expertise in parking and traffic management to property owners, investors and public institutions.

We do not own plots or real estate and therefore never compete with property owners. As a tenant or manager at every parking location and taxi rank managed by us, we are fully independent and objective and we can develop processes and services that increase the revenues of our partners and customers.

We know how to do it

Our knowledge is based on years of experience in managing parking facilities in 13 European countries.

Our regional managers use their knowledge of the local conditions when developing a marketing and service approach for owners of parking facilities and real estate. Every APCOA PARKING solution is developed specifically for customers on the basis of thorough analysis and planning.

We increase the value of your parking offer

Thanks to additional services (APCOA FLOW mobility platform, valet parking, taxi management, parking control, advice, advertising), we add value to the package you offer your customers.

Optimize your revenue, protect your investment and do more with your space; use APCOA PARKING for both management and execution.

We are more than just operator of parking facilities.

When you view our portfolio, you can see why we have been managing parking facilities for more than 45 years. Our core products include:


  • Parking management
  • Taxi management
  • Shuttle service management
  • Parking control
  • Advice
  • Valet parking
  • E-business solutions
  • Advertisement
  • Debt collection