Parkers at hospitals have different needs. Patients often want a clear, uncomplicated experience, be it parents with children, less mobile patients or frequent visitors. Employees want long-term parking at guaranteed places and doctors need reserved parking places. APCOA PARKING offers solutions that minimise the administrative process, generate cost-effective income and maintain the reputation of the healthcare institution.

Our approach provides the right solution for your needs

  • We invest in facilities and introduce ultra-modern parking equipment.
  • We make payment easy and introduce new options such as contract parking, contactless payment, online booking platforms and apps.
  • We provide correct navigation data and prevent traffic jams through clear signs and professional support on site

Our experience

  • APCOA PARKING has 15 years of experience in the care and education sector at 150 locations in Europe.
  • We manage more than 25,000 parking spaces in this sector.



Our references

    • University Hospital Frankfurt
    • Arhus Hospital
    • Cork University Hospital