Other types of subscriptions

Besides the common types of subscriptions we also sell some other types of subscriptions in several car parks like:

  • Retailers subscription
  • Night and weekend subscription
  • Subscription for store staff

You will find the tariffs of these kind of subscriptions on the information page of the named car parks or just click the links above.

Night and weekend subscription

Alkmaar per quarter from 178.50 €   
APCOA PARKING Grote Kerk (Bagijnenstraat)
1811 KA Alkmaar
per quarter from 178.50 €  Enquire now

Amsterdam per quarter from 477.21 €   
APCOA PARKING Heinekenplein
1072 NV Amsterdam
per quarter from 477.21 €  Enquire now
APCOA PARKING Prins & Keizer
1017 HL Amsterdam
per quarter from 486.68 €  Enquire now
Museum Quarter
1071RA Amsterdam
per quarter from 758.68 €  Enquire now

Den Haag per quarter from 352.82 €   
2596 AA Den Haag
per quarter from 352.82 €  Enquire now

Rotterdam per quarter from 105.04 €   
3012 VA Rotterdam
per quarter from 107.48 €  Enquire now
Hart van IJsselmonde
3078 AA Rotterdam
per quarter from 105.04 €  Enquire now

Retailers subscription

Rotterdam per quarter from 184.87 €   
Hart van IJsselmonde
3078 AA Rotterdam
per quarter from 184.87 €  Enquire now