Prins & Keizer Amsterdam

Attractive evening and night tariff:

You can park your car the whole evening and night for only € 20,00 in the city center of Amsterdam! The tariff starts at 18.00 hours and ends at 06.00 hours. The minimum parking duration is 3 hours. Perfect for residents or people that want to have a nice evening out without high parking costs!

Whole day parking for only € 20,00!

A daytrip to Amsterdam without high parking costs? You can park your car  the entire saturday and sunday for only € 20,00. This rate is valid on saturday and sunday and starts after a parking duration of 3 hours and valid up to 24 hours after the moment of entering the car park. The tariff ends sunday evening at 00.00 hours. Do you want to park you car till Monday morning? No problem! For an additional € 20,00 you can park you car until Monday 06.00 hours.