Reach ten thousands of parkers each month!

APCOA PARKING wants to reward the parker for his or her choice for APCOA with help of local companies by launching the following concept:

Get discount with your parking ticket

With this concept we want to offer our parkers an exclusive benefit and let him or her get better acquinted  with the shopping area around the car park.

On a large screen, that is situated above the pedestrian exit, we show exclusive deals from local businesses. The various offers will be annually presented to 700,000 parkers (based on situation in West Blaak Rotterdam). The parkers can obtain the benefits from our partners by showing their short-term parking ticket in the shop.

Social Media

We will also place your exclusive offer on the facebook page of the car park. Your exclusive benefit will be showed to our followers and you can share these exclusive benefits on your own page for additional advertising.


Are you interested in participating? Inquire with our sales department to the different possibilities, terms and conditions and manual by phone at 010- 233 19 84 or send an e-mail to

Att. The pilot for this concept will be introduced in APCOA PARKING Westblaak in Rotterdam. The pilot will start in december 2014.




More revenue

Profile your company in an unique and distinctive way!By showing short commercials and adds you reach ten thousands of visitors each month that can visit your company.

Wide target group

Car park Westblaak has 380.000 parking moves on a yearly basis. This means that yearly 700.000 visitors will see the adverts on the digital screen. Parking  Westblaak is mainly used by shoppers. Besdide shoppers, business men park here during the week days.